Where Busines Meets Briliance / Achrafieh, BeirutMouawad Holding Lebanon

Mouawad Holding LebanonMouawad Holding LebanonMouawad Holding Lebanon
The Mouawad Headquarters Lebanon has been designed to bring the diverse holdings of the Robert Mouawad Group under one prestigious roof. The location of Ashrafieh places the headquarters in the heart of Beirut’s financial and business district.

The nine-story building has been built to the highest standards utilizing state-ofthe-art technology with striking results. At the main entrance a VIP showroom houses the signature Mouawad jewelry collections and offers personalized customer care. Other floors are dedicated to the design and creation of jewelry, to rare diamond sales and to the internal administration of the Robert Mouawad Group. A round-theclock security team assures the absolute safety of staff and visitors at all times, while safeguarding the precious privacy of the building that represents the jewel in the Mouawad crown.